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AAWO Events

Upcoming Events:

The Black Sheep Gathering
cancelled for June 2020
Next Year: June 25-27, 2021

AAWO Summer Social,
July 25, 2020
Big Timber Alpacas
(near Sherwood, OR)

AAWO Spin-Off deadline Oct 1, 2020
Results displayed at The Black Sheep Gathering June 2021

We invite you to come join us on this adventure!

AAWO Spin-OffWhat is a Spin-Off?
Contestants submitt a two-ounce sample of their alpaca's fleece. An experienced spinner spins half of it into a small skein of yarn and evaluates the fleece based on first impression, cleanliness, uniformity, handle, lack of second cuts and guard hair, and other desirable qualities. Entries are divided into classes based on the alpaca's breed (suri or huacaya), age, and color. Winners and contestants in our Spin-Off will be displayed at The Black Sheep Gathering June 2021.

2019 Spin-Off Winners

Alpaca Spin-Off winners

AAWO Judge's Choice Award Winners

Alpaca Spin-Off winners

AAWO Spin-Off Winners
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Scenes from Alpacas at the Oregon State Fair.

Past Educational Events ~ with a large helping of Fun!

color-blendingAAWO Dyeing Workshop
at Diane McKinnon's Thistle Patch Fiber Studio

Dyeing Around the Color Wheel (basic dye class)
    The dye pots were bubbling as the class learned how to use the immersion or kettle dyeing method with acid dyes to color wool or protein fiber. They dyed 6 sample skeins of wool yarn using the immersion dyeing technique by creating 6 different dye baths according to simple recipes. There was also an in-depth discussion about color theory and terminology, how to use a color wheel, and hands on color mixing.

    Students gained basic color wheel savvy by making up 6 sample skeins of dyed wool yarn along with the knowledge to dye animal (protein) fibers with predictable and repeatable color results.

Dyeing To Spin
    Diane says: "Even if you are not (yet!) a spinner, knowing how to discuss the spinning possibilities of your dyed roving or fiber with fiber-loving clients is a good thing.

    "While dyeing fibers can be fun and exciting — and nail bitingly thrilling when it's done randomly!— sometimes you want to dye the same colors consistently. This class will show you easy techniques that will help you achieve consistent colors over multiple batches of fiber, and then how to use the consistently dyed fiber to achieve multiple results when it's spun.

    "We will review the basics of the color wheel, discuss and do color mixing, and then do hands on dyeing of two samples of roving. You will leave the class with two samples of dyed roving, know how to repeat any color and pattern when you dye fibers, and the knowledge to spin your dyed roving at least three ways to achieve unique results from one source."

Diane is an avid weaver and spinner who bought her first loom in high school. She studied color, textiles, and weaving at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She teaches at Black Sheep Gathering, NwRSA's conference, OFFF, and at her own studio.

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